Why Tru Dental Management?

Tru Dental Management LLC (“Tru Dental”) is a Midwestern dental practice management company focused on creating a network of successful neighborhood dental practices providing lifetime quality care to patients. Tru Dental is lead by a seasoned management team composed of business leaders that bring a broad array of management and entrepreneurial acumen to the dental industry alongside industry professionals who have spent 20 plus years practicing and operating at some of the industries largest dental practice management companies. Currently, Tru Dental is operating three practices in the Chicagoland area. The practices are located in Crystal Lake, Flossmoor and Palos Hills.

The dental industry is undergoing dramatic shifts that are leading to a consolidation of sole practitioners into group practices. Graduating dentists are now burdened with significant debt due to rising cost of tuition and thus are not in position to buy into practices immediately after graduation. Furthermore, demographic shifts in dental school graduates have lead to fewer ownership oriented dentists. Couple these two trends with the fact that the over 50% of current practitioners are over age 55 and you have a large supply of practices for sale as practitioners retire and given the absence of individuals to purchase these assets. On the management side, group practices have been able to benefit greatly from investments that can be spread out over a larger patient base. For example, group practices are able to centralize account collections, manage a call center to handle scheduling and inquiries, negotiate better lab and supply costs and invest in marketing to attract more patients. The consolidation in the industry is expected to continue on the basis of these compelling industry drivers and Tru Dental is well poised to establish a leading player in the industry.

Tru Dental is actively seeking to affiliate with dental practices that have one or many locations and a track record of success in providing high quality dental care. We are initially targeting practices within the Midwest, but are open to looking outside this geographic region. Tru Dental is well equipped to quickly evaluate opportunities and complete appropriate affiliations with the support of our equity and debt capital partners. We are pleased to pay market fees for introductions that lead to completed affiliations. Please reach out to us at npatel@trudental.co or bhalcott@trudental.co if you would like to learn more about the firm or discuss potential opportunities.